Package jline

The core JLine API.


Interface Summary
ArgumentCompletor.ArgumentDelimiter The ArgumentCompletor.ArgumentDelimiter allows custom breaking up of a String into individual arguments in order to dispatch the arguments to the nested Completor.
CompletionHandler Handler for dealing with candidates for tab-completion.
Completor A Completor is the mechanism by which tab-completion candidates will be resolved.
ConsoleOperations Symbolic constants for Console operations and virtual key bindings.
SimpleCompletor.SimpleCompletorFilter Filter for elements in the completor.

Class Summary
ANSIBuffer A buffer that can contain ANSI text.
ArgumentCompletor A Completor implementation that invokes a child completor using the appropriate separator argument.
ArgumentCompletor.AbstractArgumentDelimiter Abstract implementation of a delimiter that uses the ArgumentCompletor.AbstractArgumentDelimiter.isDelimiter(java.lang.String, int) method to determine if a particular character should be used as a delimiter.
ArgumentCompletor.ArgumentList The result of a delimited buffer.
ArgumentCompletor.WhitespaceArgumentDelimiter ArgumentCompletor.ArgumentDelimiter implementation that counts all whitespace (as reported by Character.isWhitespace(char)) as being a delimiter.
CandidateCycleCompletionHandler A CompletionHandler that deals with multiple distinct completions by cycling through each one every time tab is pressed.
CandidateListCompletionHandler A CompletionHandler that deals with multiple distinct completions by outputting the complete list of possibilities to the console.
ClassNameCompletor A Completor implementation that completes java class names.
ConsoleReader A reader for console applications.
ConsoleReaderInputStream An InputStream implementation that wraps a ConsoleReader.
ConsoleRunner A pass-through application that sets the system input stream to a ConsoleReader and invokes the specified main method.
CursorBuffer A CursorBuffer is a holder for a StringBuffer that also contains the current cursor position.
FileNameCompletor A file name completor takes the buffer and issues a list of potential completions.
History A command history buffer.
MultiCompletor A completor that contains multiple embedded completors.
NullCompletor A completor that does nothing.
SimpleCompletor A simple Completor implementation that handles a pre-defined list of completion words.
Terminal Representation of the input terminal for a platform.
UnixTerminal Terminal that is used for unix platforms.
UnsupportedTerminal A no-op unsupported terminal.
WindowsTerminal Terminal implementation for Microsoft Windows.

Package jline Description

The core JLine API. The central class is jline.ConsoleReader}, which is a reader for obtaining input from an arbitrary InputStream (usually

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